Offices in Rome, 2012

A new corporate identity, that embraces the whole building of the operational headquarters of the Cementir company in Rome.
The project follows the verticality of the property and works in a meticulous way following each floor, starting from the conference room located in the basement, where a warm and welcoming setting is the company's contact with the outside world. Going up, the project focuses on the (6th) operational floor and the (7th) executive floor.
One of the key objectives is to capture the natural light from the external windows and spread it within the offices and distributive spaces. This light is what draws the attention to the distinctive features, to the differences between the two floors and to the details that enhance the purely functional environments.
The first point of all, is the variety of materials and colors. From the silk-screen printed glass and the dividers in the different areas of the operational floor to the wood paneling and the furniture in mahogany and leather used for the entirely custom-made meeting table, in the executive floor