Santa Margherita winery | factory

Location: Fossalta di Portogruaro, Italy
Programme: refurbishment
Gross Floor Area: 2600 mq
Project Date: 2017

The façades have been clad with metal sheeting of the same typology used in the earlier project,
to bring uniformity to the complex and there by ensure characteristics of urban continuity.
The roof of the building is built with large single-span laminated wood trusses.
The entire complex was developed to meet the criteria for energy-savings and sustainability.

The renovated building responds to the vineyard’s needs to build a new bottling plant with the required storage space. The 2.600 square meters building is the result of the conversion of old 1930s industrial buildings and creates a modern and efficient working environment.
The design creates a strong visual relationship with the existing buildings and preserves the original shape, appearing as a series of façades designed at the top by the lines of the roof pitches.